Claim Processing Transition Update

Dear  Valued Clients,

We are pleased to inform you of changes that have taken place over the past year in processing dental trauma claim submission and review. Effective as of December 1, 2013 all dental trauma claims from all 50 states, plus international claims, will now be processed through our office in Fort Collins, Colorado, completing a transition that began in May of 2013. Dental trauma claims should no longer be submitted to the East (Islip, NY) regional office of NADENT.  The New York office will continue to operate as Health Data Services and will continue to accept medical claim submissions only.

Dental claims from the 22 East region states and 11 South Region states should use NADENT South contact information for submitting claims located on our web site, (Please see the addendum following this letter for more details.) Thank you for continuing to help us make this transition a smooth one for you and for us; and thank you for your many years as a loyal customer. We look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship with your organization over the years ahead.


Dr. Charles M. Silberstein and Dr. Joseph C. Tomlinson


Training on Nadent’s services is available for you and your fellow claims examiners/adjusters and supervisors. Please contact us if your office is planning a training session; we would welcome the opportunity to conduct a one hour meeting/presentation on Dental Trauma as part of that training.

NADENT South Contact   Information:

For   US Mail: PO   Box 270430 Fort   Collins, CO. 80527 For   FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express, etc..: 333   West Drake Road Suite   21 Fort   Collins, CO. 80526
Phone:   1-800-632-3334 Fax: 970-206-9958 E-mail:
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