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Training on Nadent’s services

October 14, 2014

Training on Nadent’s services is available for you and your fellow claims examiners/adjusters and supervisors. Please contact us if your office is planning a training session; we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person, or via video conference, to conduct a one hour meeting/presentation on Dental Trauma and to provide you tips and assistance in submitting your dental injury claims for review.

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October 14, 2014

Update for Clients!

October 8, 2014

Approximately one year ago we began the transition of processing all dental claims nationwide, including those from our Islip, New York office, to our office in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I am happy to report, after a few minor hiccups here and there, especially in December and January, the transition has gone quite well and we are doing our best to handle claim submissions as promptly and as efficiently as possible.  We recently added another part-time staff member, Kim, to assist in handling the maintenance portion of the claims (i.e. calling the dental offices to make sure we are receiving the requested information in a timely fashion) and she has been a wonderful addition and help to all of us.

Also new to NADENT is our fully revised and updated website!  It is accessed via the same web address as before (, but now with a fresh look and user-friendly layout. Everything you might need can be accessed within the DENTAL portion of the website: claim forms for submission, scenario gallery, definitions of our services, information on in-house presentations, etc…